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I have worked with Greg on several non-profit projects over the last three (3) years. Greg always makes himself available and helps whenever he can. Greg keeps his commitments, and always follows up to make sure you are satisfied. His communication, negotiation and customer service skills are amazing. Greg will even jump in when it is not in his jurisdiction, as he wants to help the community. Greg is a real public servant, wanting to help everyone in our county. I give Greg Brotherton my full endorsement.
— Deisy Bach, Port Hadlock

I have been honored to serve as your District 3 Commissioner for Jefferson County since 2019. I have worked hard to represent the plurality of District 3 as your representative. It has been a trying time for everyone, but I am proud of the way Jefferson County has weathered the pandemic. We've worked together well, respected the science of public health, and had generally good outcomes. I think as a leader, I've brought the right temperament to this work, bringing a sense of fun to meetings, but not shying away from hard questions.

A common criticism of politicians is that we don't actually do anything. In my time as commissioner, you might not always agree with my actions, but whether it is pushing for housing solutions, convening stakeholder meetings for intractable problems, or actively listening to an aggrieved resident about their issue, I have been very active, and bring a compassionate ear to this work.

But there is still a lot of work to continue. Look at the Port Hadlock Sewer, the 7th Heaven Affordable Housing Project, the Caswell-Brown Village phase 2 and the likely need for a purpose-built Emergency Shelter, the Solid Waste Capital Planning we are starting, and all the other myriad county projects: from Community Forestry, to the Sheriff Department's Navigator, to an electrified fleet, to regulatory reform for building and land use, and on. They all benefit from continuity of governance and support.  If you support these projects, support my campaign for re-election.

As well as action, and compassion, I work to develop a healthy team at Jefferson County.  I have not heard of another county that has as much collaborative respect between elected officials and department heads as we have in Jefferson County.  Our teamwork is held in high regard, and it has been a pleasure to learn from my peers. I've worked hard to increase efficiency both in internal policies, and how the county interacts with its residents. I think we've made real progress in this area, and I will share some examples with you on this site and out in the community. 

I want to use this campaign as an opportunity to find what I can do better to represent the residents of Jefferson County. I'll do my best to get out and engage people in the community, and I encourage you to reach out with thoughts about the issues that lie before Jefferson County.  

Action, Compassion and Teamwork. This is what I've brought to Jefferson County, and what I will continue to bring. Please support my campaign with your endorsement, your time, and your financial support.

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