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Community Engagement

An important part of my role as County Commissioner is as acting as a liaison between the public and the institutions of the county.  Sometimes that means bringing everyone around the table to start talking, as with the encampment at the fairgrounds.  Sometimes that means listening to complaints or ideas and representing the county in trying to explain the nuance and limitation that guides our work.  Sometimes it means being at the table facilitating conversation and throwing the weight of the county behind collaboration, such as with the Port of Port Townsend's community conversations regarding the Herb Beck Marina or in sitting with OlyCAP, the Community Build Group, the interfaith community and other stakeholders working to address houselessness and affordable housing.

It comes down to showing up, and throughout my tenure as County Commissioner, I've striven to be accessible and involved in the Jefferson County community.  I also enjoy being active in the community, so for fun have been making a series of videos to promote the connection between our communities' and the incredible trails that we live among.

Whether it is speaking at the Quilcene Christmas Tree Lighting, meeting with an aggrieved resident, or convening a needed conversation, count on me to show up with a smile on my face and do everything I can to help.

Committee to Re-Elect Greg Brotherton
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