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There has not been a greater opportunity for federal and state assistance with investing in infrastructure than right now.  We need to strike while the iron is hot and work together as the Board of County Commissioners to leverage investment in Jefferson County.

The Port Hadlock Sewer is a great example of the need to manage these infrastructure projects with an eye to the future.  We want to create infrastructure that will naturally lead to more affordable housing and equitable growth.  Easier said than done, but we are working with the community, and the Department of Community Development to harmonize our infrastructure projects with the community and our comprehensive Plan. 

This includes broadband, which while not technically a responsibility of the County Commissioners, is a necessary investment so we don't fall further behind as a county. We have used federal relief dollars to support Jefferson PUD's grant applications to be the first county in Washington to offer retail broadband service to its customers.  I have participated in the Jefferson Broadband Action Team to continue the conversation about Broadband in Jefferson County, and I have testified in Olympia for this new ability to provide retail service if there isn't an ISP available.

Public Works touches many aspects of our county operation and are incredible successful at building our infrastructure with usually 10:1 state or federal match for projects.  This is the ration we need to pursue as we work on the non-sexy but critical and never-ending work on maintaining our infrastructure.


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