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Meet Greg

What a long, strange path it has been. After earning a BA in American Studies from The Evergreen State College, I taught English as a Foreign Language in South Korea, returned to Seattle and joined the IT field for a decade, and tried my hand as an independent film maker. The 90's and early 2000's gave me a rich base for understanding issues from a variety of perspectives.  It all takes a back seat to finding my soulmate in my wife Stacey just after high school and traveling the world and navigating life together.

After our daughter, Sage, was born, we moved out to Quilcene to build a house and re-open the Quilcene Village Store in 2011.  That store is still adding to the vitality of the Quilcene Village Center and is owned and operated by my family. 

While serving on the Quilcene School Board from 2013 through 2018, I grew to love the work of policymaking. As a member of the Quilcene Fair Association for six years, I loved getting my hands dirty and putting on the best party we could for all of Quilcene.

In 2014 we opened another grocery, the Discovery Bay  Village Store, the first Cannabis Retailer on the Olympic Peninsula, Sea Change Cannabis, an all-ages venue hosting music and talks with beer and espresso, the Disco Bay Detour. Unfortunately, COVID shut down the Detour and the Discovery Bay Village Store.  Sea Change has been sold to new owners in Jefferson County and moved to Rhody Drive. 

My family moved to Jefferson County because we found shared values and the environment where we could build our attempt at personal sustainability. We've faced challenges building our house and businesses in Jefferson County, and experienced successes as well. We grow our own food, and actively try to live light on the land.  In working to develop our own property and lifestyle on the principles of permaculture I try to live Bill Mollison's definition not just on our own land, but in my approach to county policy:  "harmonious integration of the landscape with people providing their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way." 

With a breadth of experiences, I entered this job in 2019 ready to make some changes and I think we have made real progress. But there was a lot I had to learn.  Serving on 20 Boards and Committees is not for the faint of heart. But I do work to bring a light-hearted attitude to my work and have found so far that listening begets more listening, and that even in our differences, our values align more than they diverge.

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